Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Language as a Way of Knowing: A Presentation Reflection

To begin with, one of the strengths our presentation had was the use of the linguistic paradoxes. These caused many class members to become slightly baffled, but I believe it helped to convey how truly odd language is. I also thought that the use of the website was a strength. The way it used webs to represent the many different connotations and denotations of words helped to show how the same word can be used for many different meanings depending on factors such as culture, era, and emotion. I believe these elements worked better than anything else because they were very interesting and engaging. They allowed the class to think about how strange language is and to interact with a cool website.

I did not think that our presentation had too many weak points, but some topics that may have been slightly difficult to grasp were structuralism and post-structuralism. These are extremely interesting, but they could be confusing, especially at first. However, I think everyone in class understood it well, especially due to the helpful video that explained it. Also, we did go over the bell a little, so we may have spent a little more time than expected on certain topics, but that was not necessarily a flaw because it meant that everyone was understanding it enough to have engaging discussions.

A topic I may have added is how it related specifically to some of the Areas of Knowledge such as Mathematics, History, the Arts, and the Sciences. I would also have included more strengths and weaknesses of language. We got into a few of the weaknesses, but I would have liked to delve a little deeper into them. 

Presenting language as a Way of Knowing has helped me considerably in understanding how we know. Language is a key component that is necessary in learning anything. Without a language to communicate with, we could not teach others and therefore it would be much more difficult to learn new things. I found it very interesting how we rely so heavily on language in our lives and in knowing. Being in the place of a teacher was much different, and though I was nervous at first, I thought it went very smoothly. It helps to have a class that is engaged and prepared for discussion to make teaching easier. I think this project helped me to understand language much better and I hope it helped everyone else in class to understand it better as well.

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  1. Nice reflection. Good teaching too! I think that the diversity of perspective and interest between you and Pate made for a good combo.

    I love language too, because I am continually baffled by it. Because we are so immersed in it, it is certainly prone to be one of those things that we just take at face value. For that reason, your focus on the "weaknesses/weirdnesses" of language was probably a good choice. (We all KNOW, implicitly, the strengths, right?)